Caboolture East Neighbourhood Watch Anti-Theft Number Plate Screw Day






Caboolture East NHW 15  held an information and anti-theft number plate screw day in the Wallace Street, North Park.  The Caboolture Firemen and SES attended to give out information and safety advice to the public. Acting Sergeant Clair Parsons and Peterson Road NHW 18 Area Coordinator, Carol Clair turned up to lend an expert hand to the event. They put on a free sausage sizzle (courtesy of MP Rick Williams) who was also present to mingle with his electorate. The day went well and they fitted around 35 vehicles wanti-theftheft screws as well as spreading the word about NHW.

Well done to the Caboolture East team and thank you to Carol Clare for lending a hand.





Fireman shows children safety gear.


















Residents come out to enjoy the day and learn something new about their local NHW.









SES in attendance to give information

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